Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your Fuel

With our advanced data analytics solution for the transport industry

We leverage our automated data integrations with vehicle OEM’s to achieve the broadest, industry-leading, sets of telematics




Fuel is too expensive to waste!

Fuel losses are unnecessary and add up every day.
You have invested in many systems and spend hours to try and get control over your fuel processes, but it remains a challenge.

Don’t worry – there are no additional devices required, and implementation is overnight.

Save time and money by optimising your fuel usage with fuel analytics

Reduce Fuel Loss

We combine your fuel transactions with vehicle telematics data to reduce the variance between fuel bought and the fuel used. We provide insights around fuel usage, fuel refills and tank drops.

Control Driver Style

Driver behaviour has a significant impact on fuel usage. Leverage data insights into how driving style affects fuel consumption so that you can maximise your fuel usage.

Analyse Vehicle Performance

You must have the correct vehicle and type for your operation. Using advanced truck generated data analytics, we strip out the variables to understand your trucks’ real performance.

We understand you have already invested in many technologies to control your fuel and yet losses still occur

We are assisting new transporters every month to save money

Real fuel savings into the millions

Thousands of management hours saved

How it works


01. Schedule a Session

This allows us to understand your needs and allocate the right analytical solutions to your business.

02. Get Connected

Connecting and automating your operational data to our analytics engine.

03. Save Time and Money

Start using our advanced analytics to gain insights that will allow you to make smart decisions to drive your business forward.

Choose a product that works for you

The following Analytics, Features and functionalities are standard across all packages

Return on Investment Analytics

Total Fuel Consumption improvement percentage and value

Fuel Consumption by Driver vs benchmark opportunity savings

Vehicle Fuel Consumption performance vs Benchmark opportunity savings

Operational Analytics

Total Fuel Consumption – L/100Km & Km/L

Distances travelled analysis

Fuel Spend Automated

Vehicle Utilization Analytics by distances and time

Features and Functionalities

Artificial Intelligence capabilities (AI)

Live Notifications and Alerts

Ability to drill into the details across all KPI’s and business levels

Suite of automated Reports

Fuel Chat BOT that brings your data and business processes to your mobile phone

Focused Customer Success Management




In addition to the core functions available across all packages you will also have access to the following features


excl. VAT
per truck / month


excl. VAT
per truck / month


excl. VAT
per truck / month

In addition to the core functions available across all packages you will also have access to the following features







Fuel Control

Fuel Refilling Analysis & Alerts
Injector Burn vs Fuel Bought Analysis
Tank Level Analysis

Vehicle Fuel Consumption Performance

General Vehicle Fuel Consumption
Vehicle Application Consumption Analysis

Smart Driver Management

Driver Refill Analysis
Injector Burn Driver Fuel Consumption
Driving Style Fuel Impact Analysis
*All prices are per truck per month and are exclusive of VAT


It is challenging to have a real-time view of the critical areas in your business due to the number of complex systems that don’t talk to each other. At InteleQt we bring all your data together into a single view that will enable you to make smart decisions that grow your business!


Our fuel analytics capability will assist you to optimise your fuel usage in an automated and accurate way. We connect directly to OEM telematics platforms where there is rich data available and no need to fit additional 3rd party / telematics equipment. By combining this with your fuel transactions we compare fuel burned to fuel bought to give you the ultimate understanding on your unaccounted fuel value. The tank level sensors on the vehicle also provide information that point to any unplanned and excessive fuel drops that indicate potential fuel theft. We then move on to provide detailed insights into idling and driving fuel consumption across the various dimensions of your business such as a vehicle, driver, route, etc.

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